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  Hernando de Soto Bridge Crack Stops Lower Mississippi River Barge Traffic
  House GOP Set to Oust Liz Cheney 05/12 06:09
  Dems Press for Broader Voter Access 05/12 06:20
  Israel, Hamas Escalate Heavy Fighting 05/12 06:02
  Trump Officials to Testify on Jan. 6 05/12 06:14
  Red Cross:COVID Cases Exploding in Asia05/12 06:18
  Ahmadinejad to Seek Iran Election 05/12 06:07
  WHO Should Have More Say in Pandemics 05/12 06:12
  US Stocks Sink Again on Inflation 05/12 16:20
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@C1K 748'0 -9'4
@S1K 1640'6 -19'6
@W1K 750'0 -4'6
@O1K 403'6 -19'4
MSFT 239.000000 - 7.230000
WMT 135.940000
XOM 60.040000

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       Chart N/C OCT 2021      
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       Chart N/C OCT 2021      
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